Hi! We're new to coding and the likes, but we always liked having a customizable presence on the internet, so... here we are! We're obsessed with changing things that are perfectly functional, so expect this site to change VERY often :P

we'd also like to apologize in advance for this not being super mobile friendly and for it being image heavy! please view this on desktop view on mobile devices!! if you ARE on desktop and it looks weird, please zoom in and out to your liking!

also, we're dyslexic so if you see any spelling errors 1) no there aren't and 2) please tell us ><;;

feel free to browse around, we hope you enjoy your stay!

THIS is no computer, THIS is my ARCH ENEMY.


Plain and simple ;)


It seems they`re Bisexual.


Vamoose, ya` lil` varmint!


I am NOT a merry man!


Prune juice... A warrior`s drink!


When I stroke it thusly...


I never lie when I have sand in my shoes, Commodore.

currently fronting