Before You Follow

We're aware "do not interact" pages don't really work because if you're a dick you're just gonna interact anyway, but on the off chance that you're not an asshole (or if you just want some info on us to use against us on some cringe subreddit) these are our boundaries.

Do Not Interact If...

  • you're against any good faith queer identity
  • you're a fujoshi or anything similar
  • you're a proshipper/pedo/anything similar again
  • you're antiendogenic
  • you're bigotted in any way.

We'd also like it known that we have some interests that we're very critical of and we're not really in the mood to defend what we can or cannot engage with. Anything that we engage with from a problematic source or creator is probably for a system/fictive reason and we don't give money to their creators in any way shape or form. Also, if we draw art for the source then it's likely that we actively shit on the creators anyway :P