Updated our info page, as usual, but also made a pseudo-social media page! Feel free to check it out! I labelled it as a "blog" on the sidebar because I'm... Not entirely sure what else to call it?
made a kin/crush page, updated our ext. links... i think that's it? woo!
It was our birthday yesterday, so we updated our age on /info and /index! Today our info card got its weekly update and I fixed a weird link on the system folder sidebar. Also made any updates made last year in a comment so it won't be taking up so much space on the page! If you really want to know out-of-date-updates, you can inspect the element :P
Edit: We finially finished our headmate pages!!! Go check them out!!!
Made a button for our site! Also figured out a more convenient way to do our system list so that's being redone even though we were halfway done with redoing it already... F. OH! And we made a webring of all of our headmates that have websites!!!! It's at the bottom there (on the bottom right on desktop), check it out, please!!!
Woaaaaah March! One of our headmates learned how to use a .js file so we copied them and made our sidebars read across the pages so we don't have to update every page as often! However that does mean I had to update every page today... Ehe... Did some more shrine stuff, updated our system dictionary and our subsystem page, updated our interests, home, etc. Also anything updated has a neat little "new" gif next to it, and anything under construction has a little "error" symbol! Woo! We're still working on headmate pages but honestly we're trying to find an easier way to update it... Ough... Also tysm for 10000+ visitors!!!!

updated the info page a few times as usual. made a pronoun/orientation/etc page. might finish some other stuff (ideally...). oh! and updated the system page a bit <3
Started work on some shrine stuff. Removed the chatbox because it was huge and annoying. Still trudging through alter pages.
Welcome to February! Updated our info card some (removed the Spotify iframe because it looked so bad on mobile...) and updated our pronouns (no more they)! Still working on new headmate pages

Chatbox, changed the image on the info page a few times, added some badges to the index, updated the site credits box(x), updated Nephele(s) system page. Will hopefully update individual headmate pages... ... ...eventually.
NEW SITE REWORK!!!!!! My hands hate me, we've been working on and off on this for wayyyyyy too long. Weeping and sobbing please hope to those up there in silicon heaven that nothing is broken
Happy New Year!!!! Made a account so now this page, our system page, and our info page all have that featured on them! Woohoo!